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Category: Web Development

Testing Data-Intensive Code With Go, Part 3

Overview This is part three out of five in a tutorial series on testing data-intensive code with Go. In part two, I covered testing against a real in-memory data layer based on the popular SQLite. In this tutorial, I’ll go over testing against a local complex data layer that includes a relational DB and a Redis cache. Testing Against a Local Data Layer Testing against an in-memory data layer is awesome. The tests are lightning fast, and you have full control. But sometimes you need to be closer to the actual configuration of your production data layer. Here are...

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Get Started With Image Recognition in Core ML

With technological advances, we’re at the point where our devices can use their built-in cameras to accurately identify and label images using a pre-trained data set. You can also train your own models, but in this tutorial, we’ll be using an open-source model to create an image classification app. I’ll show you how to create an app that can identify images. We’ll start with an empty Xcode project, and implement machine-learning-powered image recognition one step at a time. Getting Started Xcode Version Before we begin, make sure you have the latest version of Xcode installed on your Mac. This...

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Manipulating HTML5 Canvas Using Konva: Part 3, Complex Shapes and Sprites

In the second tutorial of this series, you learned how to draw basic shapes using Konva. You can combine the basic shapes one way or another to create stars, rings, arrows, clocks, or a hut. Konva also allows you to create some common complex shapes by using built-in functions provided by the library.  In this tutorial, you will learn how to create stars and rings in Konva. After that, we will discuss how to write text using Konva and how to write it along a specific path. You will also learn how to draw images and sprites on a...

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What Is Serverless?

The serverless computing concept is an up-and-coming execution model that tries to address the needs of modern, cloud-based software.  In this video from my course, Introduction to Serverless, I’ll introduce you to the serverless architecture. We’ll talk about its key points and compare it to other models for abstracting server functionality to the cloud. What Is Serverless?   The Serverless Architecture First of all, in a serverless system, there are servers. Hopefully, that isn’t a big surprise to you. It’s all about who manages them. Let’s have a look at a very common diagram that shows different kinds of services.  On the...

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Get Rid of Bugs Quickly Using BugReplay

As a web developer, you are bound to come across clients who are not very tech savvy. Some clients might want you to create a new website for them, while others might want to only make changes to specific sections or add new functionality. This is how the situation generally plays out: You update a section of the website, check that everything is working fine, and then go to bed. Next day, you wake up only to find an email or message from your client which says that the website is not working as expected. You start wondering what...

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