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Category: Web Development

Java 8 for Android: Cleaner Code With Lambda Expressions

Lambda expressions can help you remove boilerplate code from your projects and process huge amounts of data with ease. See how with this in-depth look at the Java 8 features you can start using in your Android projects today.  Java 8 for Android Java 8, which debuted way back in March 2014, was a big step forward for the programming language, introducing a list of features that promised to make coding in Java easier and more concise than ever before. Unfortunately, Android developers wouldn’t feel the benefits of these features for a while, as Google experimented with bringing Java...

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New Course: Introduction to Serverless

What You’ll Be Creating The beauty of the serverless computing concept is that you don’t need to worry about having resources for sudden bursts in demand or have a strategy to ensure high availability of a service. Of course, it doesn’t work without servers, but the responsibility of maintaining the servers is shifted from the customer to the cloud providers.   In our new short course, Introduction to Serverless, you’ll get up to speed with this powerful concept and learn how to use it to build your own web app. What You’ll Learn In this short, 45-minute course, Markus Mühlberger...

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Build a React App With a Laravel RESTful Back End: Part 1, Laravel 5.5 API

Laravel and React are two popular web development technologies used for building modern web applications. Laravel is prominently a server-side PHP framework, whereas React is a client-side JavaScript library. This tutorial serves as an introduction to both Laravel and React, combining them to create a modern web application.  In a modern web application, the server has a limited job of managing the back end through some API (Application Programming Interface) endpoints. The client sends requests to these endpoints, and the server returns a response. However, the server is not concerned about how the client renders the view, which falls perfectly...

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What’s New in Xcode 9?

What You’ll Be Creating This year’s WWDC announcements focused on the exciting new SDKs, such as ARKit, and the changes to iOS 11. However, Apple has also made significant improvements to Xcode with Xcode 9. Not to be outshone by the other announcements, the new version of Xcode is a leap forward for coders. Developers are sure to be happy! Included in this year’s improvements: updated support for Swift 4, including parallel support for Swift 4.0 and 3.2 super-charged speed improvements to Xcode Project Navigator and Editor, from indexing to refactoring tools a completely rebuilt source code management (SCM)...

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Bulk Import a CSV File Into MongoDB Using Mongoose With Node.js

What You’ll Be Creating This topic is a really enjoyable one for me. It’s quite common in many web applications to accept user input and save a single record to your database. But what about when your users (or you) want to perform multiple inserts in a single command?  Enter this article, which will demonstrate how to create a CSV template and a form to upload the CSV file, and how to parse the CSV into a Mongoose Model that will be saved to a MongoDB database. This article assumes that you have a basic understanding of Mongoose and how...

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