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Category: Web Development

Ionic From Scratch: Working With Ionic Components

What Are Ionic Components?  Ionic components, for the most part, are what make your hybrid app come to life. Components provide the user interface for your app, and Ionic comes bundled with over 28 components. These will help you create an amazing first impression of your app.  Of course, you can’t use all of these 28 components in a single app. How to decide which ones to use? Well, luckily there are components that you will find in almost every app. In the previous article I showed you how to navigate to another view using the Ionic Component Button....

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Detaching Expo Apps to ExpoKit

In my Easier React Native Development With Expo post, you learned about how Expo makes it easier for beginners to begin creating apps with React Native. You also learned that Expo allows developers to get up and running with developing React Native apps faster because there’s no longer a need to set up Android Studio, Xcode, or other development tools. But as you have also seen, Expo doesn’t support all of the native features that an app might need. Though the Expo team is always working to support more native functionality, it’s a good idea to learn how to convert an existing...

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Creating an Image Editor Using CamanJS: Creating Custom Filters and Blend Modes

In the first tutorial of our CamanJS image editor series, we only used built-in filters to edit our images. This limited us to some basic effects like brightness, contrast, and 18 other more complicated filters with names like Vintage, Sunrise, etc. They were all easy to apply, but we were not in full control of the individual pixels of the image we wanted to edit. In the second tutorial, we learned about layers and blend modes, which gave us more control over the images we were editing. For instance, you could add a new layer on the canvas, fill it...

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Supercharging Your React Native App With AWS Amplify

What You’ll Be Creating AWS Amplify is an open-source library that enables developers, and in our case mobile developers, to add a host of valuable functionality to applications including analytics, push notifications, storage, and authentication. Amplify works not only with React Native, but also with Vue, Angular, Ionic, React web and really any JavaScript framework. In this tutorial, we will be demonstrating some of its core functionality within a React Native application. The great thing about this library is that it abstracts away what used to be complex setup and configuration for all of these features into an easy-to-use...

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Modern Web Scraping With BeautifulSoup and Selenium

Overview HTML is almost intuitive. CSS is a great advancement that cleanly separates the structure of a page from its look and feel. JavaScript adds some pizazz. That’s the theory. The real world is a little different. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how the content you see in the browser actually gets rendered and how to go about scraping it when necessary. In particular, you’ll learn how to count Disqus comments. Our tools will be Python and awesome packages like requests, BeautifulSoup, and Selenium. When Should You Use Web Scraping? Web scraping is the practice of automatically fetching the...

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