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Category: Web Development

20 Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engines and Templates

With Flash end-of-life announced for the end of 2020, HTML5 and JavaScript games have quickly taken over, becoming a major source of gaming on the web. With this major shift in the landscape, though, came a move from largely using one tool to create online games to using dozens (maybe hundreds!) of different engines, libraries, and variants of common web languages. That’s where HTML5 and JavaScript game templates come in. Why Use an HTML5 Game Template? Building a game is difficult. With several distinct skill sets nestled into a complex package, it can difficult to just jump into a...

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Create a Booking System With a WordPress Booking Plugin

What You’ll Be Creating If you run any sort of business that involves appointments or meetings with clients or between staff members, then your life will be made much simpler if you enable bookings on your website. This doesn’t just apply to meetings—hotels, spas and other leisure businesses can also benefit from using online bookings. Allowing people to book online will encourage more bookings, give your customers more control, and free up your time. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use a plugin to add bookings to your website.  I’m going to imagine my site is for...

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7 Best WordPress Community Plugins for 2019

Whether you’re an online freelancer or running a brick and mortar store, having a website is no longer enough to get and retain customers. You also have to provide value through engaging content. Engagement drives traffic to your website. It provides new leads that you can convert to customers. Engagement is also key to retaining customers.  So, along with your website, you need to create a community of customers and engage with them. This is the best strategy to grow your business. Online communities have created and continue to create enormous value for businesses.  In this post, I’ll show...

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9 Best CRM & Project Management PHP Scripts

Here is a nightmare customer service situation. You have written notes down in different computer files, napkins, and notebooks, and you don’t have all the details in one place. You forget an important follow-up appointment. You don’t call at the time you promised. Not good for the longevity of your business, right?  As a freelancer or a small business, your growth and continuity depend on the way you build trust with customers and potential customers. Boosting customer satisfaction requires you to be on top of small details. CRM and project management systems help you do just that.   Understanding CRM...

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Code a Burger Menu for Mobile Users in WordPress

What You’ll Be Creating If you want your site to be responsive (and who doesn’t?), then it’s important to make sure that your main navigation menu works well on small screens. Large navigation menus can take up too much space on a mobile phone, or if they don’t, they can be too small to read or to reliably tap the correct link. A burger menu is one way to get around this. It’s a menu that’s hidden until the user taps on it. The reason it’s called a burger menu is because the symbol that represents it is three...

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