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Category: Web Development

Practice JavaScript and Learn AJAX in Our New Course

What You’ll Be Creating If you already know the basics of JavaScript and want to take your work to the next level, our latest course is perfect for you. In Practice JavaScript and Learn: AJAX, you’ll practise and extend your JavaScript skills while learning how to use AJAX in your web development work. What You’ll Learn The introduction of AJAX forever changed the way we approach and develop for the web. In fact, it was the start of the dynamic, interactive web apps that we know today. In this course, Jeremy McPeak will teach you how to get started with...

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12 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Your Online Store

WooCommerce provides a powerful platform for your online store. With business happening on a global scale, day-to-day tasks like pricing, shipping, and invoicing can get complicated. Luckily, there are a range of WooCommerce plugins available on CodeCanyon that can help you provide a seamless experience for customers, and a painless admin experience for yourself, as a vendor or website developer. We’ve collected some of the best WooCommerce plugins for pricing, shipping, product filtering, and marketing that you can use to take your business to the next level. Whether you are managing sales in global currencies, want to run auctions on...

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Create a WordPress Image Gallery: Code the Plugin

What You’ll Be Creating People like pictures. They like looking at them, they like clicking on them. So it makes sense to use them in the navigation for your site. You may already use featured images in your archive pages, letting users get a greater insight into what a post is about and making your archive pages look better. The nice big clickable image also makes the process of navigating through to a page or post more intuitive. But there are other places where you can use featured images to aid navigation to parts of your WordPress site. In this...

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15 Best Swift App Templates

Mobile users have come to expect the UI consistency and performance that can only come from native apps. However, building a feature-rich iOS app with an elegant user interface can be challenging. Fortunately, by using an app template, you can save substantial amounts of time and effort. CodeCanyon has a huge collection of Swift language iOS app templates. If you don’t know what an app template is, it is basically a pre-built application with a lot of the core functionality already implemented for you. It allows you to easily customise and add to the template’s code to create the...

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What’s New in Core ML 2?

Last year, Apple launched Core ML—a segue into the world of machine learning for Apple developers. Before that, we were already using machine learning with technologies like AutoCorrect, Siri, and a predictive keyboard, but Core ML brought a new level of power and flexibility into the hands of developers. During WWDC 18, Apple announced Core ML 2, and in this article you’ll be learning about what’s new. At a Glance Before we dive into the changes that Core ML 2 brings, let’s briefly discuss what Core ML really is. More specifically, let’s learn a little bit about the nuances...

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