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Category: Web Development

8 Best Project Management Systems and CRMs on CodeCanyon

Project management and CRM (customer relationship management) entail tracking all aspects of a business from planning, assigning tasks, follow-up, task management, and invoicing—along with many more activities. The success of any website or business largely depends on the structures put in place to ensure the smooth running of operations. From planning and task assignment to deadlines and team management, all these activities need a proper system in place. A project management system is the best solution to ensure synchronization of teams, projects, and tasks. And a CRM helps manage customer contacts and invoices. Luckily, CodeCanyon offers many of these apps,...

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Best JavaScript Forms of 2019

Forms are an essential part of almost every website. They are used for gathering information about users, login and registration, letting users provide feedback, and as a way for users to contact website administrators. Forms are also used for other purposes like booking events and hotel rooms or calculating costs for different items. Basically, forms can be used anywhere you want to ask users for input and then process the input to receive or provide a service or additional information. Your needs will vary greatly depending on your reasons for including a form in your website. For example, login...

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Get Started With WPBakery (Formerly Visual Composer)

Writing HTML, CSS, and PHP code to build or customize a WordPress site can be incredibly time consuming, even for an experienced web developer. That’s probably why much of the WordPress community has moved on to using page-builder plugins instead. WPBakery Page Builder (formerly called Visual Composer) is the most flexible and feature-rich WordPress page-builder plugin you can get your hands on in 2019. It’s compatible with almost every modern WordPress theme, and you don’t need any programming skills to be able to use it. In fact, while using it, you won’t even have to type in any shortcodes! With...

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Best WordPress Advertising Plugins of 2019

Creating a successful advertising campaign is a must in today’s crowded eCommerce world. Once you have your website and products in place, you must have the tools necessary to communicate to your target audience just what you are selling.  Fortunately, CodeCanyon has a large number of WordPress advertising plugins available to get you up and running in no time.  Don’t worry, I have done all the hard work for you. Below is a list of the top ten advertising WordPress plugins of 2019! 1. Adning Advertising Advertising is all about the presentation. With Adning Advertising, you will be able to create and manage...

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How to Create an Exit Popup With the Layered Popup Plugin for WordPress

Exit popups are messages that are shown to visitors when they are about to leave a website. They are mostly used to encourage visitors to complete their purchase or make a visitor subscribe to an email list, or simply make them stick around longer by suggesting products or content they might be interested in. They can also be used to ask for feedback about your site. The beauty of exit popups is that they don’t distract the user when they are engaging with your content or making purchases on your website. They only occur when visitors are about to...

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