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Hands-on With ARIA: Homepage Elements and Standard Navigation

Looking to make your website more accessible? Want to be the first in line as new online interfaces come to market? Look no further than ARIA. This set of standards maintained by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) gives you the best of both worlds by adding a number of attributes that allow HTML to be extended in meaningful ways. Here, we’ll walk through what ARIA is, see how it can benefit an informational website, and go through a use case step by step with code examples. Let’s get started! ARIA Basics ARIA (or sometimes WAI-ARIA) is the acronym for a set of accessibility standards, called the Web Accessibility Initiative–Accessible Rich Internet Applications. You can check out more about the foundations of ARIA in my previous article, but let’s go over some of its pillars now. HTML Site Accessibility: Getting Started With ARIA Kyle Speaker Defining Non-Traditional Relationships A majority of websites are built using HTML, which primarily relates elements to each other in a hierarchical fashion through parent-child relationships. This structure is great for defining content, but falls short when it comes to defining user interfaces. For example, in many sites and web applications, an area of content is controlled by buttons within a sibling element—the siblings have the same parent element, but in HTML they don’t have a direct relationship with each other. Because of this, it...

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20 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins and Widgets

Whether you need an event calendar plugin, a booking system with payments, or a Google calendar widget, this list of plugins will have something to improve your app or site. Take a look at these 20 plugins available for download on Envato Market to see what WordPress is capable of. WordPress calendar plugins encompass plugins for events, bookings, and appointments. Some transform WordPress into its own private workplace app, while others let you set up a fully functioning scheduling and payment gateway. Take a look at these 20 WordPress calendar plugins available on Envato Market and you’ll see what I mean. 1. EventOn The EventOn WordPress event calendar plugin is an excellent turnkey solution that doesn’t skimp on features. It has a clean, minimal design, and you’ll be up and running quickly and easily. Fully optimized for mobile use, this tiny calendar is big on features: use featured images add your own data fields Google Maps integration calendar widgets and shortcode generator event categories with custom color assignments and much more Not only can you customize each event with images, maps, icons, colors, and more, but you can also configure your calendar to search and sort in several different ways. EventOn is a really nice, easy-to-use event calendar plugin that also offers a unique slider addon. 2. SUMO WooCommerce Bookings SUMO WooCommerce Bookings will transform your WordPress WooCommerce site into a bookings powerhouse. This...

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Testing Android User Interfaces With Espresso

In this post, you’ll learn about how to write UI tests with the Espresso testing framework and automate your test workflow, instead of using the tedious and highly error-prone manual process.  Espresso is a testing framework for writing UI tests in Android. According to the official docs, you can: Use Espresso to write concise, beautiful, and reliable Android UI tests. 1. Why Use Espresso? One of the problems with manual testing is that it can be time-consuming and tedious to perform. For example, to test a login screen (manually) in an Android app, you will have to do the following: Launch the app.  Navigate to the login screen.  Confirm if the usernameEditText and passwordEditText are visible.  Type the username and password into their respective fields.  Confirm if the login button is also visible, and then click on that login button. Check if the correct views are displayed when that login was successful or was a failure.  Instead of spending all this time manually testing our app, it would be better to spend more time writing code that makes our app stand out from the rest! And, even though manual testing is tedious and quite slow, it is still error-prone and you might miss some corner cases.  Some of the advantages of automated testing include the following:    Automated tests execute exactly the same test cases every time they are executed.  Developers can...

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Resize and Manipulate Images in PHP (With Examples)

In my previous tutorial, we discussed basic image manipulation using the PHP GD library. In that tutorial, I gave a brief introduction to the library and showed you how to load images from a file or create them from scratch in PHP. After that, we learned how to crop, rotate, scale and flip an image using GD. I covered the imagefilter() function to apply different filters to image resources loaded in the script. I also mentioned some useful functions in GD like imagesx() and imagesy() to get the width and height of the loaded image. By the end of my last GD tutorial, you learned how to use the library to automate basic tasks like resizing all images in a directory or applying filters like grayscale on them before saving the final result. If you have never used the PHP GD library before, I would suggest that you go through that GD introductory article before reading this one. In this tutorial, we will learn about many more useful functions in GD and how they can be used to automate more of our image manipulation tasks. Manipulating Images Using a Convolution Matrix Except for the pixels at the edges, every pixel in an image is surrounded by eight other pixels. Effects like blurring or edge detection are calculated for each pixel depending on that pixel’s value and the values of the...

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20 Best jQuery Image Sliders

Let’s be honest—sliders are fun. A little bit of movement can really bring a page to life. Sliders—also known as “carousels” or “image sliders”—are interactive elements for showing images or other media in a web page.  Take a look at these 20 useful jQuery sliders from Envato Market and you’ll see there’s more to sliders than you might have imagined. 1. RoyalSlider Having a touch-friendly and responsive slider for your website is more important now than ever before, and RoyalSlider is both. Developed with HTML5 and CSS3 best practices, it’s a solid choice. Here are a few of the other royally cool features: SEO optimized highly configurable over 10 starter templates includes fallbacks for CSS3 transitions and more I think the best feature is the modular architecture that gives devs the option to exclude what they don’t need from the main JS file, keeping things as lean as possible. The RoyalSlider is a solid JavaScript slider that should be a nice addition to any web dev’s toolbox. 2. Slider Revolution It’s not easy to be “revolutionary” in the slider space. There are only so many options you can make available when it comes to sliders, but the Slider Revolution does a great job trying. When it comes to jQuery sliders, this one delivers on just about everything you’ll want. The list of features for this slider is long, so I’ll just hit the high points: parallax effects...

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