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Category: Web Development

Dramatically Speed Up Your React Front-End App Using Lazy Loading

A constant challenge faced by front-end developers is the performance of our applications. How can we deliver a robust and full-featured application to our users without forcing them to wait an eternity for the page to load? The techniques used to speed up a website are so numerous that it can often be confusing to decide where to focus our energy when optimising for performance and speed. Thankfully, the solution isn’t as complicated as it sometimes might seem. In this post, I’ll break down one of the most effective techniques used by large web apps to speed up their...

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Design Better UX With Vue.js Transitions and Animations

Transitions and animations are an important design pattern whose aim is to improve the user experience (UX) by making the user interface (UI) more natural and intuitive.  Most people think that the purpose of transitions and animations is to engage the user’s attention, and this is true to some extent. In certain contexts, such as game websites, where attractiveness and entertainment take precedent, it is justified. However, in most websites, engagement should be the secondary role, while the main role of any transitions or animations should be for communication. And that will be the subject of this tutorial. We’ll...

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Write to Files and Read Files With PHP

In this tutorial, you’ll learn several important functions in PHP which are sufficient for all your basic file reading and writing needs. You’ll learn how to read a file, write to a file, write to a text file, and check if a file exists. Luckily, PHP provides a lot of functions to read and write data to files. In this tutorial, I’ll show you the easiest ways to read data from a local or remote file and how to use flags to write to files exactly how we want. Checking if a File Exists Your very first step when trying...

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Connect to an API With Retrofit, RxJava 2, and Kotlin

Today, it’s pretty common for mobile apps to exchange data with remote servers, using web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Whether it’s checking for new emails using the Gmail API, searching for events in the local area with the Ticketmaster API, or leveraging the user’s Spotify history to recommend new music, APIs (usually REST APIs) provide access to a wealth of information that you can use in your app. Communicating with remote servers has become such an important part of modern mobile development that there are countless libraries dedicated to helping you make network calls, but Retrofit is one of the most widely...

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What’s New in Swift 4.2?

The second update release to Swift of 2018, Swift 4.2 introduces some great improvements to the language. Read this post to learn how they can help you write even better code. Included in this version’s list of improvements: SE-0194: Adds the CaseIterable protocol to automatically generate an array of all the possible enum cases. SE-0195: Dynamic member lookup syntactical sugar. SE-0196: New compiler directives #warning and #error. SE-0197: New removeAll(where:) method to perform an optimized in-place filter for collections. SE-0199: New toggle() method to easily toggle/flip boolean values. SE-0202: New native random number generator. SE-0206: New Hasher type to improve and simplify conformance to the Hashable protocol. SE-0207: New allSatisfy() method to verify all...

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