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Category: shapes

People Talkin’ Shapes

Codrops has a very nice article on CSS Shapes from Tania Rascia. You might know shape-outside is for redefining the area by which text is floated around that element, allowing for some interesting design opportunities. But there are a couple of genuine CSS tricks in here: Float shape-outside elements both right and left to get text to flow between them. You can set shape-outside to take an image and use shape-image-threshold to adjust where the text flows, meaning you could even use a gradient! Shapes are in the water recently, as Heydon Pickering recently published a short video on...

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Rocking California’s “I Voted” Sticker in CSS for Election Day 2018

Oh hey, so tomorrow (tomorrow!) is Election Day here in the United States. We’re not in the business of making political endorsements or anything like that at CSS-Tricks, though we do endorse that everyone exercise their right to vote. I did exactly that two years ago and posted a CSS rendition of the “I Voted” sticker that came with my California mail-in ballot. See the Pen I Voted Sticker by Geoff Graham (@geoffgraham) on CodePen. Fast forward to today, and I received a new sticker in the ballot sporting a fresh design: Credit: Los Angeles Magazine (source) I have...

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