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Category: Coding

What’s New With Git Support in Xcode 9

What You’ll Be Creating Apple’s latest IDE version, Xcode 9, is being released along with iOS 11 this September. And it’s a huge update! Fans of Git for source control management (SCM) are big winners in this upcoming release. Previous versions of Xcode had support for SCM, but it was never considered a first-class citizen. Xcode’s Git support was buggy and lackluster, paling in comparison to specialist tools such as SourceTree, which meant that developers had to jump between tools to be able to do advanced Git repository management tasks.  All this has changed in Xcode 9. Apple no longer sees SCM...

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Creating Digital Signatures With Swift

The main purpose of a digital signature is to verify the integrity of some information. For a simple example, let’s say you had a file that was transferred over the network and you want to check that the entire file was transferred correctly. In that case, you would use a checksum. “A checksum is a small-sized datum derived from a block of digital data for the purpose of detecting errors which may have been introduced during its transmission or storage” — Wikipedia How do we derive that checksum? The best option is to use a hash. A hash function...

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Quick Tip: How to Use Atom as a Git GUI

When you use Git as part of your workflow it can be very useful to have easy access to a GUI to help speed up your processes. There are a great many Git GUIs to choose from, but if you use Atom as your code editor you won’t have to go far to find some solid options.  Thanks the excellent ecosystem of extension packages created by the Atom community, as well as some in-built tools, there is a range of fantastic ways to get a Git GUI up and running right inside your editor. In this quick tip we’ll look at...

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New Course: Code a Custom Drupal Module

What You’ll Be Creating If you want an easy way to create engaging, content-driven websites for you and your customers, you should give Drupal 8 a try. And Drupal modules allow you to take things a step further and create highly customized functionality for your site.  In our new course, Code a Custom Drupal Module, Envato Tuts+ instructor Derek Jensen will get you up and running with modules in no time. You’ll build a simple calculator module, and along the way you’ll learn about creating routes, controllers, parameters, and more. You can take our new course straight away with...

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Quick Tip: Write Cleaner Code With Kotlin SAM Conversions

If you are an experienced Android application developer, you’re probably used to the verbosity of Java 7. As a result, you might be finding Kotlin’s concise syntax, which is geared towards functional programmers, slightly unsettling. One common problem beginners encounter while learning Kotlin is understanding how it expects you to work with Java interfaces that contain a single method. Such interfaces are ubiquitous in the Android world and are often referred to as SAM interfaces, where SAM is short for Single Abstract Method. In this short tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know to aptly use Java’s SAM...

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