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Little Things That Tickled My Brain from An Event Apart Seattle

I had so much fun at An Event Apart Seattle! There is something nice about sitting back and basking in the messages from a variety of such super smart people. I didn’t take comprehensive notes of each talk, but I did jot down little moments that flickered my brain. I’ll post them here! Blogging is fun! Again, note that these moments weren’t necessarily the main point of the speaker’s presentation or reflective of the whole journey of the topic — they are little micro-memorable moments that stuck out to me. Jeffrey Zeldman brought up the reading apps Instapaper (still...

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Come to An Event Apart in 2019

The 2019 season for An Event Apart (the premiere web and interaction design conference) is about to kick off! Seattle – March 4–6, 2019 Boston – May 6–8, 2019 Washington DC – July 29–31, 2019 Chicago – August 26–28, 2019 Denver – October 28–30, 2019 San Francisco – December 9–11, 2019 I’ll be there in Seattle for the kickoff, giving a talk about how to think like a front-end developer. I’ve been working on it for ages, and I think I have a talk ready that helps set the stage for where we are at in the world of...

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