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Cleaning Up Your Data With Go: Part 2

Overview This is part two out of two in a series on cleaning up data using Go. In part one, we covered the basic text facilities of Go and working with CSV files. In this tutorial, we’ll dive into actual data cleaning.  We’ll start by understanding the problem of messy data and coming up with a strategy, and then we’ll look into verifying individual fields, fixing the data where possible, and deciding what to do about missing values. Data Cleaning Strategy A strategy for cleaning up data should dictate what to do when encountering invalid, messy, partial, or missing...

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CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXXIII

It’s been many months since our last CSS-Tricks Chronicle. As a reminder, these are just little roundups of news of a slightly more personal nature and that of the site itself and surrounding projects. Last update, I wasn’t even a dad yet! That’s changed 😍. My daughter is going in for her four-month checkup today! I’m also working out of a brand new office here in Bend, Oregon. We split the space with CraftCMS. It’s the first time I’ve had an office that I have real (part) ownership over. We’ve built out a kitchen area in it and are...

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Design Microsites

Google, Airbnb, Slack, MailChimp, Facebook, Etsy, IBM, Dropbox… everybody has a design site these days. Direct Link to Article — Permalink The post Design Microsites appeared first on CSS-Tricks....

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Extinct & Endangered

I’ve been watching a lot of nature documentaries lately. I like how you can either pay super close attention to them, or use them as background TV. I was a massive fan of the original Blue Planet, so it’s been cool watching the Blue Planet II episodes drop recently, as one example. A typical nature documentary will always have a little look how bad we’re screwing up the environment twist, which is the perfect time and place for such a message. Speaking of perfect time and place, why not remind ourselves of all the endangered animals out there with placeholder images! That’s what Endangered Species Placeholders is. It’s like PlaceKitten, but for environmental good. I also just came across this free icon set of extinct animals. 😢 Direct Link to Article — Permalink The post Extinct & Endangered appeared first on CSS-Tricks....

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The Future Of Mobile Web Design: Video Game Design And Storytelling

As technologies change and design techniques evolve, it’s inevitable that we’d experience massive growth in terms of design quality. There are similar parallels we can see within video game design as well. For instance: This was CERN, the very first website back in 1991. Just some basic HTML and ample white space: The very first website to appear online back in 1991. (Large preview) This example from Smashing Magazine is how we design websites and share information online in 2018: A much more complicated and yet beautiful web design… 27 years after the advent of websites. (Large preview) Nope,...

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