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Counting With CSS Counters and CSS Grid

You’ve heard of CSS Grid, I’m sure of that. It would be hard to miss it considering that the whole front-end developer universe has been raving about it for the past year. Whether you’re new to Grid or have already spent some time with it, we should start this post with a short definition directly from the words of W3C: Grid Layout is a new layout model for CSS that has powerful abilities to control the sizing and positioning of boxes and their contents. Unlike Flexible Box Layout, which is single-axis–oriented, Grid Layout is optimized for 2-dimensional layouts: those...

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Persisted WordPress Admin Notices: Part 2

In part one of this series, we learned how to implement a basic admin notice that appears at the top of every WordPress admin page. In this tutorial, we’ll start to build out a plugin to contain all our custom admin notice code. We’ll begin by implementing standard admin notices and use them as a base for more flexible and advanced examples. Setting Up Our Plugin First, though, let’s set up a new plugin from scratch that we’ll be using for all our admin notices so we’re ready to start entering code. I’ll assume here that you already have a local...

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Create Your First Angular App: Storing and Accessing Data

In the first tutorial of the series, we learned how to get started in order to create an Angular app. After successfully completing that tutorial, you should now have your first functioning Angular app with the heading ‘Fun Facts About Countries’. Before creating any components that can be rendered on the screen, we will create some classes and define some functions that make those components useful. In this tutorial, our focus will be on creating a Country class which will contain different properties whose value we want to display to the user. We will then create another file named...

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The Best UX is No User Interface at All

I have been obsessed with User Interfaces (UI) for as long as I can remember. I remember marveling at the beauty that was Compaq TabWorks while I played “The Incredible Machine” and listened to “Tears For Fears—Greatest Hits” on the family computer. Don’t judge me—I was listening to “Mad World” way before Donny Darko and that creepy rabbit. If none of those references landed with you, it’s probably because I’m super old. In the words of George Castanza, “It’s not you, it’s me.” That’s another super old reference you might not get. You know what—forget all that, let’s move...

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Creating Your First Angular App: Basics

Angular has become very popular over the past couple of years. You can use this open-source JavaScript framework to build web and mobile apps. If you’ve been thinking about learning Angular but don’t know where to start, following this series might be a good idea. The aim of this series is to cover the basics of Angular while creating a very simple app that shows information about different countries. Angular is written in TypeScript, so it makes sense that you write your own code in TypeScript as well.  There’s no need to worry if you have never used TypeScript before....

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