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Don’t Let Your Brain Deceive You: Avoiding Bias In Your UX Feedback

You know that user feedback is crucial — after all, your users will decide whether your app succeeds or not — but how do you know whether users are being fair and objective in their feedback? We can tell you: They won’t be. All of your users will be giving you biased feedback. They can’t help it. When soliciting and listening to user feedback, you will inevitably run into bias on both sides of the coin: Biases will influence the people providing feedback, and your own biases will influence the way you receive that feedback....

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You can get pretty far in making a slider with just HTML and CSS

A “slider”, as in, a bunch of boxes set in a row that you can navigate between. You know what a slider is. There are loads of features you may want in a slider. Just as one example, you might want the slider to be swiped or scrolled. Or, you might not want that, and to have the slider only respond to click or tappable buttons that navigate to slides. Or you might want both. Or you might want to combine all that with autoplay. I’m gonna go ahead and say that sliders are complicated enough of a UI...

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Quick Tip: Theme Android With the Runtime Resource Overlay Framework

Not many know about it, and Google rarely advertises it, but the Android operating system has had a theming framework built into it for a few years now. It’s called the Runtime Resource Overlay framework, RRO for short, and it dramatically reduces the effort needed to create custom themes for your phone. With RRO, you can quickly create themes that can change the look and feel of almost every app that’s installed on an Android device. Because Android’s system user interface components, including the navigation bar, the status bar, the notifications tray, and the quick settings tray, themselves belong...

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Vue.js Crash Course: Create a Simple Blog Using Vue.js

Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework that focuses on building user interfaces. It focuses heavily on the ViewModel. To learn more, go over to the documentation to see things for yourself. In this tutorial, you will get your hands dirty with Vue.js by building a simple blog. The blog will have a form that allows you create a post. However, the post that will be displayed on the blog will be retrieved from a resource available online.  Sounds like fun? Let us get busy. Getting Started Start by running the command: vue init webpack blogapp Now migrate into the newly...

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Implementing A Service Worker For Single-Page App WordPress Sites

With so many JavaScript frameworks around, single-page application (SPA) websites seem to be all the rage nowadays. However, an SPA architecture has the drawback of having a slower first-page load than a server-based application, because all of the JavaScript templates used to render the HTML view must be downloaded before the required view can be generated. Enter service workers. Through service workers, all framework and application code to output the HTML view can be precached in the browser, thus speeding up both the first meaningful paint and the time to interact....

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