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A Reasonable Approach for Getting Comfortable With Command Line

Considering how much the command line is an integral part of the developer’s workflow, it should not be thought overly difficult or tedious to learn. At one time I avoided it myself, but one day began teaching myself ways to make the difficult as easy as it should be. I got over the hurdle, and you can too. It was worth investing my time to increase my command line comfort-level, and I am going to share a few tips and resources that I found helpful in this post. The intended reader is the type who typically avoids the command line, or perhaps uses it occasionally but not as a regular or essential tool. Tip #1: Maintain a Pragmatic Mindset The way to get more comfortable with the command line is this: practice. You practice, and you get better. There is no secret trick to this; study and repetition of skills will turn into understanding and mastery. There is no use in the mindset that you cannot do this; it will only keep you from your goal. You may as well discard such thoughts and get down to it. Tip #2: Keep a Cheat sheet Don’t be afraid to keep a cheat sheet. I find that a thin, spiral-bound notebook kept next to my keyboard is perfect; writing the command down helps commit it to memory; having it in a...

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Stateful vs. Stateless Functional Components in React

React is a popular JavaScript front-end library for building interactive user interfaces. React has a comparatively shallow learning curve, which is one of the reasons why it’s getting all the attention lately.  Although there many important concepts to be covered, components are undeniably the heart and soul of React. Having a good understanding of components should make your life easy as a React developer.  Prerequisites This tutorial is intended for beginners who have started learning React and need a better overview of components. We will start with component basics and then move on to more challenging concepts such as...

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SmashingConf 2018: Fetch Those Early-Bird Tickets!

Great conferences are all about learning new skills and making new connections. That’s why we’ve set up a couple of new adventures for SmashingConf 2018 — just practical sessions, new formats, new lightning talks, evening sessions and genuine, interesting conversations — with a dash of friendly networking! Taking place in London, San Francisco, Toronto. Tickets? Glad you asked! SmashingConf London / #perfmatters / Feb 7–8 Performance matters. Next year, we’re thrilled to venture to London for our brand new conference fully dedicated to everything front-end performance....

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TypeScript for Beginners, Part 5: Generics

The second tutorial in our TypeScript for Beginners series focused on basic data types available in TypeScript. The type checking in TypeScript allows us to make sure that the variables in our code can only have specific types of values assigned to them. This way we can avoid a lot of mistakes while writing code because the IDE will be able to tell us when we are performing an operation on a type that it does not support. This makes type checking one of the best features of TypeScript. In this tutorial, we will focus on another important feature...

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Inspiring Desktop Wallpapers To Make November Even More Colorful (2017 Edition)

November is a rather gray month in many parts of the world, so what could be better as some colorful inspiration to start it off with the right foot? To tickle your creativity, artists and designers from across the globe once again challenged their artistic abilities and designed desktop wallpapers for you to indulge in. Wallpapers that are a bit more distinctive as the usual crowd, bound to breathe some fresh life into your routine....

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