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How Well Do You Know CSS Layout?

The difference between a CSS good experience and a long frustrating one is oftentimes a matter of a few small details. CSS is indeed nuanced. One of the most common areas where I see struggles is layout. Personally, I like to study patterns. I notice that I tend to use a small group of patterns to solve the majority of my layout problems. This article is about those CSS patterns I use to get myself through layout challenges. It is also about approaching situations agnostically, regardless of the CSS methodologies used, whether that’s SMACSS, BEM, or even the hot topic of CSS-in-JS because they all focus on the properties themselves rather than architecture, organization, or strategy. Just for fun, let’s start with a test We’ll use a platform that I happen to have made called and I’ve used it to create a test that we’ll get to below. Don’t worry, there is no personal data collected, results are anonymous and it’s totally free. The purpose of the test is to see if you can recognize specific CSS behaviors and problems in context without first being presented with the material. I didn’t set out to make the test difficult, but CSS layout nuances tend to be somewhat complex, especially without having a lot of exposure to them. Remember, this all for fun. The results are not an indication of...

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Choosing an eCommerce Platform: Shopify vs. WooCommerce

Creating an eCommerce store, but not sure what platform is best for you? With so many products and solutions out there, prospects can be overwhelming. It’s tough to pick which would work best for your venture. Varying costs, system extendability, and ease of use can play huge roles in your choices. For many, however, it comes down to a choice between the two leaders: Shopify or WooCommerce. There are quite a few other platforms out there, but few of them match the pricing and general usability of these two. That’s why WooCommerce boasts nearly 3 million installs, and Shopify...

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New Course: Get Started With Hapi.js

It might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say, but if you want to discover a great alternative to Express as an HTTP server framework for Node.js applications, you should try our new course, Get Started With Hapi.js. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof… What You’ll Learn In this detailed 1.5-hour course, you’re going to learn Hapi.js from the ground up, with Jeremy McPeak as your guide. If you haven’t had a chance to look into Hapi before, now’s your chance!  You’ll learn how to set up a new Hapi project, starting with serving static...

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Using React Portals to Render Children Outside the DOM Hierarchy

Say we need to render a child element into a React application. Easy right? That child is mounted to the nearest DOM element and rendered inside of it as a result. render() { return ( // Child to render inside of the div ); } But! What if we want to render that child outside of the div somewhere else? That could be tricky because it breaks the convention that a component needs to render as a new element and follow a parent-child hierarchy. The parent wants to go where its child goes. That’s where React Portals come in....

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Quform vs. FormCraft: Top WordPress Form Builder Plugins Compared

Without a doubt, Quform and FormCraft are two of the most popular and highly rated WordPress form builders on the market, but which of these two giants is right for you?  Today, we take a peek under the hoods to see what makes these form builders so special. We’ll identify the best features of each and help you decide which of them is the plugin you need.  Quform WordPress Form Builder Let’s start with Quform. Quform is one of most the feature-rich and easy-to-use WordPress form plugins available today.  Quform WordPress Form Builder Create a Variety of Forms First, Quform...

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