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Simplify Android App Development With Anko

Designed by JetBrains, the organization behind Kotlin, Anko is an open-source library that can radically change the way you create Android apps. It leverages Kotlin’s syntax to offer a large collection of helper functions that help you reduce the verbosity of your code while also improving its performance. Anko doubles as a DSL, short for domain-specific language, for creating Android layouts. In other words, it can act as a type-safe, dynamic, and more reusable alternative to layout XML files, which, as you might already know, tend to get unwieldy for large apps. In this tutorial, I’ll help you get started with Anko...

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The Wix dev team throws their hat into the CSS preprocessor ring: Stylable is a CSS preprocessor that enables you to write reusable, highly-performant, styled components. Each component exposes a style API that maps its internal parts so you can reuse components across teams without sacrificing stylability. Scopes styles to components so they don’t “leak” and clash with other styles. Enables custom pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements that abstract the internal structure of a component. These can then be styled externally. Uses themes so you can apply different look and feel across your web application. At build time, the preprocessor converts the Stylable CSS into flat, static, valid, vanilla CSS that works cross-browser. Looks like Sass luminary Chris Eppstein is getting in on the game of scoped styles with the not-yet-released CSS Blocks. And think of Vue’s support for , and the popularity of utility libraries. I think scoped styles might be the hottest CSS topic in 2018. Direct Link to Article — Permalink Styleable is a post from CSS-Tricks...

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Start Saving With These Early Cyber Monday Deals

At Envato this year, Cyber Monday lasts a whole week. You can get 50% off selected items on Envato Market, or save a whopping $120 on an annual Envato Elements subscription, any time between now and next Wednesday, 29 November.  So if you’re looking for Photoshop actions, WordPress themes, stock photos, video footage, music or a wide array of other creative digital products, you can snag some impressive savings. Just visit the Cyber Monday Sale page to get the full details and start saving. 50% Off 500 Envato Market Items For the Cyber Monday sale on Envato Market, 500 popular...

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New Course: Code a Quiz App With Vue.js

Single-page web apps are more and more in demand, but they can be hard to build with vanilla JavaScript. Thankfully, there are some powerful frameworks that can make the task easier, such as Vue.js. Learn how to use it in our new course, Code a Quiz App With Vue.js. What You’ll Learn In this course, Derek Jensen will show you how easy it is to code an app with the Vue.js framework.  You’ll learn how to create a simple front-end web app using the Vue command-line interface (CLI), create self-contained components, dynamically update the user interface, and even create a...

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Performant Animations Using KUTE.js: Part 2, Animating CSS Properties

The first tutorial of the series focused on providing a beginner-friendly introduction to the KUTE.js library. In that tutorial, we only animated the opacity and rotateZ property for our elements. In this tutorial, you will learn how to animate the rest of the CSS properties using KUTE.js.  Some of these properties will require you to load the CSS plugin, while others can be animated using the core engine itself. Both these scenarios will be discussed separately in the tutorial. Box Model Properties The core KUTE.js engine can animate only the most common box model properties: width, height, top, and...

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