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Just a Couple’a Fun Typography Links

Marcin Wichary made an incredible demo exploring “segmented type” as in, the kind you might see on a display like a microwave, but scaling up in complexity from there. “Datalegreya is a typeface which can interweave data curves with text.” Airbnb commissions their own new font, Cereal (complete with hype video), and then talks about how they are rolling out usage. I wonder what the price tag is for work like this. Seems like it would be both incredibly high but no-brainer worth it for big brands that are big enough. The post Just a Couple’a Fun Typography Links appeared first on CSS-Tricks....

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Creating Your First App With Fuse

Now that you’ve learned the basic concepts of Fuse, it’s time to put things into practice and build an app. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to develop an app using the Fuse framework. Specifically, you’re going to learn the following: How to code using UX Markup. How to use the Observable, Timer, and Geolocation APIs. How to preview an app using desktop preview and custom preview. If you need a refresher on Fuse, check out my previous post in this series: Introducing Fuse for Cross-Platform App Development. Prerequisites To start working with Fuse, go to the downloads page and...

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New Course: Connect to a Database With Laravel’s Eloquent ORM

What You’ll Be Creating In our new course, Connect to a Database With Laravel’s Eloquent ORM, you’ll learn all about Eloquent, which makes it easy to connect to relational data in a database and work with it using object-oriented models in your Laravel app. It is simple to set up, easy to use, and packs a lot of power. What You’ll Learn In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Jeremy McPeak will teach you how to use Eloquent, Laravel’s object-relational mapper (ORM).  Follow along as Jeremy builds the data back-end for a simple guitar database app. You’ll learn how to...

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Dark theme in a day

Marcin Wichary has written a great piece that dives into how he used CSS Variables to create a night mode and high contrast theme in an app. There’s so many neat tricks about how to use CSS Variables (Chris has also looked at theming) as well as how to organize them (Andras Galante has an interesting take on this) in here. Plus, Marcin shares some tricks about using filters to invert the color of an image. I also also love this part of the article where Marcin writes: I was kind of amazed that all of this could happen via CSS and CSS alone: the colours, the transitions, the vectors, and even the images… CSS is mighty powerful these days, and it’s posts like Marcin’s that remind me it wasn’t that long ago that theming an app like this would’ve been impossible. Direct Link to Article — Permalink The post Dark theme in a day appeared first on CSS-Tricks....

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20 Best WPBakery Page Builder Addons & Extensions of 2018

With over a million users worldwide, the popular drag-and-drop page builder, WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), has inspired a legion of developers to create loads of cool and useful addons and extensions that increase its functions and provide virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating the WordPress site of your dreams. Here’re a list of the 20 best of these addons and extensions for 2018 to be found at CodeCanyon. Some offer a huge range of features within one powerful extension, while others provide just one specialised and targeted function. Some have been on the market for a...

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