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Your Body Text is Too Small

Several years ago, there was a big push by designers to increase the font-size of websites and I feel like we’re living in another era of accessibility improvements where a fresh batch of designers are pushing for even larger text sizing today. Take this post by Christian Miller, for example, where he writes: The majority of websites are still anywhere in the range of 15–18px. We’re starting to see some sites adopt larger body text at around 20px or even greater on smaller desktop displays, but not enough in my opinion. Christian attributes this to all sorts of different things, but I particularly like this bit: Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake to purposefully design a website in a way to avoid scrolling. To the detriment of design, body text size is reduced to either reduce scrolling, or condense the layout in order to fit other elements in and around the copy. Scrolling is a natural, established pattern on the web—people expect to have to scroll. Even when it isn’t possible, people will attempt scrolling to see if a page offers more beyond what’s initially in the viewport. Readability is more important than the amount of scrolling required—good content won’t prevent users from scrolling. I would only push back a little bit on the advice — that legibility isn’t always tied to the font-size of a block of text. A lot...

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How to Upload and Download CSV Files With AngularJS

This post will show you how to upload CSV files data to AngularJS, read the data, and then convert it to JSON for processing. Then, you’ll see how to do the whole thing in reverse and download a CSV data dump from AngularJS. CSV files are preferred because of their simplicity. They are also widely supported by many types of programs and provide a straightforward way to represent spreadsheet data. Prerequisites Before you get started with this tutorial, make sure you have Node.js installed on your computer. If you don’t have it yet, head over to the official website and install it. You should also have a basic understanding of the following technologies: HTML CSS JavaScript If you already have Node.js have installed, check if you have the latest versions of Node and NPM. node -v npm -v CSV Modules in Angular There are several ways of manipulating CSV in Angular, and they include: Papa Parse: Papa Parse is a powerful CSV parser which is capable of parsing CSV strings in small and big files as well as converting back to JSON. We will be using this library in this tutorial. csvtojson: This is a node package which is also simple to use. File Reader: It is used to read the contents of files using File or Blob objects to specify the file to be read. However, this is not...

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CSS: A New Kind of JavaScript

In this wacky and satirical post, Heydon Pickering describes a wild new technology called Cascading Style Sheets that solves a lot of the problems you might bump into when styling things with JavaScript: A good sign that a technology is not fit for purpose is how much we have to rely on workarounds and best practices to get by. Another sign is just how much code we have to write in order to get simple things done. When it comes to styling, JavaScript is that technology. CSS solves JavaScript’s styling problems, and elegantly. The question is: are you willing to embrace the change, or are you married to an inferior methodology? Yes, this is a funny post but the topic of CSS-in-JS is hot and quite active. We recently shared a video of Bruce Lawson’s excellent talk on the subject and published a roundup of chatter about it as it relates to React. Chris also linked the conversation back to the age-old question of how we deal with unused CSS. Direct Link to Article — Permalink The post CSS: A New Kind of JavaScript appeared first on CSS-Tricks....

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Best WordPress Widgets for 2018

What kinds of WordPress widgets will you need in 2018? This post has 20 of the best WordPress widget plugins in CodeCanyon right now. With social media widgets, weather widgets, map widgets and more, there’s sure to be something in this list that you need for your site. With a mix of established plugins and trending up-and-comers, you’ll want to keep your eye on these widgets in 2018. 1. Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress Get more control over your layout and sidebars for your WordPress widgets with the Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress plugin. No coding knowledge needed, and there are plenty of options, with features including: WPML, WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress support widget visibility, alignment, and location fully responsive and grid managers and more! Whether you need to set up advanced layouts, replace your theme sidebar, or create fully widgetized pages, you’ll have lots of options. Get more control over where your WordPress widgets display with Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress. 2. Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets If you’re looking for some cryptocurrency widgets, look no further than the Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets plugin. With unlimited customization and lifetime support, there’s hardly a better way to get cryptocurrency WordPress widgets on your website. Features include: ticker widgets table widgets chart widgets card widgets converter widgets and more Display cryptocurrency prices in real time and enjoy the great CSS3 animations and design. It’s also compatible...

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What bit of advice would you share with someone new to your field?

The most FA of all the FAQs. Here’s Laura Kalbag: Find what you love. Don’t worry about needing to learn every language, technique or tool. Start with what interests you, and carve your own niche. And then use your powers for good! And my own: Buy a domain name. Figure out how to put an HTML file up there. Isn’t that a powerful feeling? Now you’ve got table stakes. Build something. Definitely, go read other A Book Apart author answers because they are all great. My other favorite is just three words. Direct Link to Article — Permalink The post What bit of advice would you share with someone new to your field? appeared first on CSS-Tricks....

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